With the help of the Rotary Club Gstaad-Saanenland, the Catholic parish Gstaad, and the Kennedy School, a mortuary was built in 2009. The facility has refrigeration space for three bodies, and is operated by solar power. In addition to the mortuary, an outhouse and an Insaka (a covered shelter) were built, where the mourners could say goodbye in the shade.

Wheelchairs for the Hospice

In the summer of 2012, thanks to Heinz Frei, a Swiss wheelchair athlete and multiple gold medalist in Paralympics and current world record holder in the wheelchair and hand cycle races, wheelchairs were brought to Zambia and are now being used at the Hospice.

Thanks go to British Airways, which helped us with the entire handling at greatly reduced cost. 

Insaka (covered shelter) and Outhouse for the Pre-school

So children may stay and eat in the shade, we financed two more Insaka. An additional outhouse will be built. Infrastructure for water supply and a large trough will be installed so that the dirty dishes can be washed.

Room for Continuing Education

The concept of continuing education is unheard of in Zambia. To improve medical and nursing quality, the personnel of the hospital need to be given further education. A new and specifically equipped room for this

is needed. Thanks to some donations, we were able to finance the construction of such a room and install some technical equipment (beamers and battery operation as a constant energy source).


On behalf of the organization, we currently oversee about 90 sponsoring families, and the number is increasing!