Mr. Mapwe

Mr. Ndikwanga


The room of the two blind men

In Zambian culture, parents look after their children; adult children care for their aging parents. Due to the high rate of AIDS in Zambia, it’s not only that children lose their parents, but also that older people have to care for their grandchildren. AIDS has destroyed family traditions for many families. A great number of older people live on the edge of subsistence, often in deplorable conditions. There is no functioning social system in Zambia they can rely on for help.

The Old People’s Village Mulele in Mpanshya was built to help people live in more decent conditions. It is financed in part through the bakery, which is led by Judith Gnehm. 

Unfortunately, the costs cannot be covered solely by the revenues from the bakery. The “export” of fresh breads to the market or restaurants in Lusaka was made more difficult after the Zambian government increased the price of fuel by 20%. Fuel now costs as much as it does in Switzerland! Other ways must be found to pay for the cost of CHF 100.00 per person, per month. Currently, there are four seniors who have been placed in the home, but there is room for approximately 20 people.
During our stay, we met four needy elderly people Mr. Mapwe and Mr. Ndikwanga (who are both blind and share a room), Mr. Pius (epileptic), and Joseph (mentally retarded). We want to help them financially so they can lead a dignified life.
In addition to those who are willing to make a  donation, we are also looking for people who would be willing to assume a sponsorship for an elderly person. If interested, contact me to obtain more information.




Visiting the church on Sunday