News in May 2013

In April 2013, the Board of the organization “Friends of the Mpanshya Hospital Zambia,” has decided to take on 20 more sponsorships. This increasing the number to 90 supervised sponsorships! A great accomplishment!

These days, I am spending a lot of time finding money for the new Health Center in Chamilala. As I mentioned in my presentation in January, 2013, I am trying to provide funds to help with the construction of the new Health Center in Chamilala. Of course, not all the planned areas will be built at the same time. Chamilala is located 95 km East of Mpanshya.

A medical team (doctor, dentist, mid-wife, etc.) travels to Chamilala, to treat the approximately 250 – 300 patients and to administer the necessary medication. The patients are currently treated in a classroom of the Mvuva Basic School. In a second room, the midwife holds her pre-natal consultation. The people, mainly women and children, come often from far away and have to walk for several hours to obtain medical advice. In this simple clinic, people would be treated for “typical” African illnesses, such as malaria, etc. Emphasis should also be placed on pre-natal and obstetric care.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the people living in Chamilala to travel to the hospital in Mpanshya. It is not only because of lack of transport but also because of the Luanga river which flows half-way through the country and which can only be crossed over the Luanga bridge. There is bridge toll which many people cannot afford. Consequently, they are denied access to the next hospital.

This Health Center will be directed by Sister Josepha and belongs to the Mpanshya Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Matthias Furrer.

People interested in this project, should please contact me.

The Mpanshya Hospital and the Chamilala project are in dire need of bed sheets. The material that can be bought in Lusaka is of very poor quality, and Sister Josepha would be glad to receive sheets from Switzerland or from anywhere else. I am looking for sheets that are gently used, made of linen, cotton, or flannel. British Airways, once again, would provide a cargo-transport under special rates. If anyone has such “old-fashioned” sheets they can spare, please contact me!