Organization of the sponsorship:

  1. On a documentation sheet the following data is recorded: surname, first name, date of birth, place

   of birth, sex, name and age of siblings, school and class attended, career aspirations, hobbies,

   chores the child is doing at home, state of health, with whom the child lives, etc.

  1. Once or twice per year the sponsoring families are informed in a letter about their foster child. Each

   year, they receive a current photograph. If the child receives a present from the sponsoring family

   (in addition to the amount of the sponsorship), the child writes a thank-you note.

  1. School tuition, school uniform, schoolbooks, school material, and groceries are paid with funds from

   the sponsorship. There is no cash paid to the child. Everything the child receives, is recorded on an

   individual Child Assistance Sheet and has to be signed by the child (see sample).

  1. Once a month employees of Sister Josepha visit the children who live near Mpanshya. The children

  who live further away are visited once every three months.

  1. Medical treatment in Zambia is free. If a child requires special medical attention, the cost will be paid

   by the “Orphans and Children in Need” Project. In addition, the children receive vitamins, if


  1. If a child can write, the sponsoring family will receive a letter directly from the child. If the child

   cannot write, a social worker will help.

  1. The report cards are checked by the social worker to make sure that the child attends school.

  1. Sponsors are asked to send the child a photograph of himself/herself and to provide some

   information about himself/herself (address, country, and family).

• Letters and packages for the foster child may be sent to the following address:

Name of the child / file number


PO Box 32 789




This project, which is directed by Sister Josepha in Mpanshya, is looking for sponsorship of a Zambian child from the region of Mpanshya. The annual school fee depends on the age of the child. Older students are charged a school fee, but not younger children. Fees, of course, are a tremendous financial burden for the family or for the relatives.

A sponsorship allows an orphan, child of a single parent or a financially disadvantaged child to grow up in familiar surrounding.  Thanks to the funds from sponsors, children are provided clothing, shoes, a balanced diet, as well as access to clean water. The child is also taught basic hygiene.

I have personally met the people who look after the children, and I was shown how the documents are organized and kept. I personally can guarantee that the monies from the sponsors are, indeed, being used for the children.


Cost of a Sponsorship (per year)

1 – 6 years old: CHF 150.00

Includes a 20% administration fee for the office of Mpanshya hospital

7 – 12 years old: CHF 220.00

Includes a 20% administration fee for the office of Mpanshya hospital

The sponsorship begins with the first payment. The sponsoring family receives a bill with a deposit slip. Ideally, the sponsorship should be maintained until completion of the mandatory school years. Sponsorships may be cancelled at the end of the year in writing.